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Dominick Goodman on the way to one of his 4 touchdowns and 259 yards, both title game records
Cincinnati Enquirer/Ernest Coleman
State Champs posing with the trophy
Coach Coombs celebrating the ultimate goal: State Champs!!
Ernest Coleman/Cincinnati Enquirer
Their town, their field, our title!
By John Erardi
Cincinnati Enquirer

Kerry Coombs was in a baseball catcher's squat with this back to the field.

His offense had the ball. 

It's the first series from scrimmage.  Everything's OK after the first collision of the shoulder pads, goes the saying.

Just another ballgame.

Yeah right.

Coombs was about to address his defense players seated on the bench.  (Coombs must have known something, because he would be talking to them- and himself- a lot, the next five and a half minutes.)

"Right now, right now!" Coombs barked.

Whatever he had planned to say, he never got to it. 

His team fumbled the ball on its first play from scrimmage.

Coombs- who had every single item of the pregame plan mapped out, right down to the Saturday morning movie ("Miracle", but they never got time to watch it in a time crunch) - had no inkling the Cardinals would be so shaky early. 

You know the chant by the Colerain fans, "We are........Colerain!  We are......Colerain!"?  Well they yelled that on the Cardinals fourth offensive series when Colerain was facing first-and-ten.

Only trouble was, Colerain had lost it's third fumble by then. 

The chant should have been, "We are NOT Colerain! We are NOT Colerain!"

It was that bad. 

Even in Coombs worst nightmare, it was never this bad.

"To have been through what we've been through with Elder and all that stuff, I was thinking, "You gotta be kidding me!  We got all the way here and now we're gonna lay an egg?!" Coombs said.

And when Canton McKinley running back Ryan Brinson cut to the right coming out of the line on the first play of the second quarter and scooted 56 yards untouched for a 10-6 lead, there wasn't a peep from the Colerain crowd. 

And then, it turned

Oh, how it turned.

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Week 15- Colerain vs. Canton McKinley
Final Score: Colerain 50 Canton McKinley 10
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